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Expert for daily tours from Alsace, to the Black forest & up to the Swiss Alps.

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"thank you! We enjoyed our tour yesterday very much and you gave us lots of ideas and reasons to stay in Basel - paper museum, Tinguely, organ concert at Munster and Rathaus tour this afternoon...and more gelato! Made reservations at Au Violin for tonight! Great start to our vacation". Carol and everyone else.

"You have certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty! Many thanks again for the wonderful tour, my wife and I were talking about all the little things you mentioned (small slits in towers for defending/attacking) during our visit of the other towns the last two days. We’ll certainly be sure to look you up if we find ourselves in need of a tour guide in this part of the world! All the best", Erwin and Tess.

"Thank you for an excellent tour!  Everyone was very impressed with your knowledge and enjoyed your presentation about Black forest. I am so happy that I wanted to let you know how pleased we were. Best of luck to you in your educational endeavors—you are a natural! Warm regards". Jill and Verner.

"We have finally made it home but wish we were back in Colmar!!!! We cannot thank you enough for one of our most memorable days of our trip.  All of the wine, history and information you introduced us to was quite a pleasure.

We wish you all the best and merci beaucoup!!!" Mark (and the gang).

"Thanks for the amazing tour of Alsace last week. You showed us an amazing place and a wonderful time! Maureen and I are finding it hard to return to our normally stressed out lives! But I suppose that's a good indication of what a great time you showed us". Maureen and Linda.

"Our group of 8 just returned from our private tour of the area in Alsace our farther fought in WWII. Jean-Yves our driver exceeded our expectations. He was very knowledgeable as he had done his research. He actually pinpointed many of the small towns and villages our father was in explaining the battles and direction of troup movement. Hill 216 and Memorial Hill was emotional. 

Thank you for putting our trip together and insuring it’s success. 

Can’t thank you enough". Brian.

"Thanks to you once again!  You really made our stay in Basel very special. And your guidance in Lucerne was perfect. You will always be welcome for a visit in New York. All the very best to you". Terri and Dan.

"Thank You for making our 2 days in Freiburg so enjoyable! You are such a delight and showed us such a wonderful time. Please keep our emails and surprise us with a visit one day soon! We have a big home in Green Bay, Wisconsin! Best of luck". Laurey and Phil.

"Best half day spent in Alsace! Our guide was super cool and friendly, he had lots of stories to share and

made our trip both fun and educational in the history of the region. So, thank you Mr Guide!"

Annick and family.

"Excellent day. We were so happy we took this tour. Small group and our guide was superb. He was engaging friendly and very informative.

Loved our eight hours with our great guide, whose name escapes me! Full of information without lecturing. Excellent English. There were only four in our group and we couldn’t have been happier. Thank you."

Jess & Vincent from Colorado.