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The impressive journey through WWI & WWII



Full day tour through the WWI battlefield & the WWII's "pocket of Colmar" experience.


Private tour/ Customized itinerary :545Euros -from 1 to 7 travelers.

From April until the end of October.

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This fascinating itinerary will be divided into 2 distinctive Parts. The morning will be dedicated to experience the battlefield of WWI, located on the top mountains of the Vosges. You will have the unique opportunity to walk inside the originals trenches of what used to be the front line, to learn about the tragic history that did provide more than 9 millions of casualties in 4 years, and to visit the memorial and the military cemetery, remaining on that sadly famous spot.


In the afternoon, we will jump in time. We invite you to follow the steps of the 3rd US Infantry Division and of the First French Army, in the liberation of Alsace during WWII.

You will visit the museum of the « pocket of Colmar » located in the charming village of Turkheim, & will learn everything about the most difficult fights of the winter 1944-1945, the hardest winter of the 20th century.


This tour provides an excellent excuse to drive through the most beautiful & scenic "route des crètes", at the top of the Vosges mountains.


-Drive to the "Hartsmannwillerkopf", homeplace of a 11 months fight during WWI.

After some orientation & history, you will have plenty of time to walk at your own pace through the battlefield

( 2 hours stay, mostly outdoor).

-Then you will enjoy a beautiful ride on the famous « route des crètes », a top panoramic road standing on all the submits of the Vosges mountains, offering you on a clear day a spectacular view from the Black Forest up to the Alps mountains. Lunch in a traditional farm will be organized: a great opportunity for you  to experiment on your own the local food called ''repas Marcaire'' (literally: the ''Farmer's meal'').


-Afternoon spent in Turkheim, Visit of the museum dedicated to the fights of the liberation of the "pocket of Colmar".

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Interested by WWII?

Half day Customized tours available on request all year long, about the great action of the 3rd US Infantry Division in Alsace!Full day tours from April till October.

Family Research : On the track of your veterans!



To find information about locations in Alsace or anywhere in France, where fought your fathers or grandfathers during WWII, please contact us. We can research & organize any customized tour precisely adapted to your personal family’s history.  

We need as much of the following information as possible : Military Campaign / Battalion served / Company served  / Years served / Any pictures or names you remember (Villages, areas, public places…) /  Any documents (orders, rosters, letters etc.).

Give us a bit of time and let us do the rest !


Any Virtual Tours Available on demand!

Contact, Information & booking :

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