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Heritage tours in Alsace or Black Forest.


​Our escorted custom private genealogy days, along with our private escorted holiday and heritage tours are designed only with your desires in mind. From 1 day long to a few days, enjoy our customized itineraries…

Any Virtual Tours available on demand!

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We introduce you to your homelandand, and make you travel in the footsteps of your ancestors. Would you like to have a better understanding of how they lived or what they may have experienced? Would you like to visit the village they were born in, the school they attended, the church, synagogue or temple they worshipped at, the place they are buried or even the home they lived in? An Ancestral heritage tour is the journey of a lifetime and can be a very moving experience for all involved. We pride ourselves in our dedication to ensuring that each moment our travelers' experience during their time abroad is enduring and unforgettable.


Each tour is unique, your tour is totally private, from 1 to 6 participants. All itineraries are designed with flexibility and comfort according to your wishes. Tell us where you would like to go or let us make suggestions based on your needs.

Any information booking and contact:


We do organize genealogical and historical research for families. This service is available for Alsace or Black Forest, but we would be happy to provide our experience in any other part of France.

Contact us: we’ll study all facts relevant to your case, in order to provide you with a detailed history of your ancestral home.

We can also perform a live relation search  for an opportunity to reunite with long lost family members!

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